The scholarship deadline for Non-European students is over (30 January 2017).

Non-European students can apply until 15th May, but without Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

European students can apply for Master Mamaself with scholarship until 28 February 2017.


The results of the Mamaself students selection 2016 can be seen on the application site. The results are provisional, and will be definitive only after confirmation by the EACEA Agency in Brussels. All students will receive an e-mail from the Mamaself office confirming their results after confirmation of the selection by the European Commission Agency.



Accepted Mainlist : the student is selected for the Erasmus Mundus grant (subject to confirmation by the EACEA agency).

Accepted : the student is accepted, but is not on the mainlist for the grant yet. The student accepted is on the reserve list for the grant. He / she can eventually access to the mainlist for the grant in case of drop out of a student from the mainlist. The student is fully accepted and can join the Master without grant.

Non-selected : the student has not been selected in the 2017 Mamaself selection.


Welcome to the Mamaself Application site !

Please create an account if you want to apply to the Erasmus Mundus Master Mamaself.

Pay attention to the deadlines !

For European students, the application deadline with scholarship is 15 march 2017.

For Non-European students, the application deadline with scholarship is 29 January 2017.

After this deadline, students still can apply to Master Mamaself, but without the Erasmus Mundus grant until 15 May 2017.

For more information refer to or contact us.

Consortium· University of Rennes 1-UR1, France
· University of Torino-TO, Italy
· Technical University of Munich-TUM, Germany
· Ludwig Maximiillan University of Munich-LMU, Germany
· University of Montpellier, France