Master in Materials Science powEred by Large scale Facilities

Application reglementation

This page contents information regarding the application process AND reglementation. Please read it carefully before you begin preparing your application. Download the document.


To be qualified for admission to the Master Mamaself you must:

  1. Have earned a Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) or higher; be in the process of finalizing your Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent), in Materials science, Physics, Chemistry or related disciplines

  2. Have a high level of English language.

  3. Complete all required forms for admission and submit all required documents.

All expenses related to the application, including translation and certification services, English tests costs, postal expenses, etc. must be covered by the applicant.


  1. A copy of your valid passport or European Union ID

  2. A copy of your Bachelor degree or any other relevant degrees earned to date. If you have not obtained your Bachelor’s degree yet, you can still apply by providing a university letter which indicates that you are registered in your third Bachelor year. The student must provide the degree before registration at Univesity for Mamaself Master course.

  3. A copy of your university transcripts (list of courses and grades). Please provide certified tranlations in English.

  4. A letter of motivation stating your career aspirations and the reasons of your decision to apply for Mamaself. Please write in essay format and limit it to 1-2 pages.

  5. Curriculum Vitae/Résumé

  6. 2 letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional sources. At least one of the reference letters must be written by a professor.

  7. Proof of proficiency in English. There are multiple ways to prove your proficiency in English. Please see the “Proof of Proficiency in the English Language” section to see which option is best for you.

Gathering documents for an application might be a long and time-consuming process, please plan in advance !


All applicants are required to prove their proficiency in the English language. Applicants can prove proficiency in English by meeting one of the following conditions before enrolling:

  • English as a native language

  • TOEFL – Minimum score: 230 (computer based), 80 (internet based), or 550 (paper based)

  • IELTS – Minimum score: 6.5

  • Cambridge ESOL, Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – Minimum score: C

  • English as the language of instruction during previous studies. The student must have studied at least one year in classes taught in English.


The official deadline are published on our website, our flyer and our application site every year and is updated before each application session.

There are 2 different deadlines for Mamaself application : First deadline for applications with scholarship, second deadline for applications without scholarship (15 May).

All applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered. The application deadline is calculated in French local time.


Applicants will provide 2 reference letters, using the online system in the application site. The reference letters must be written in English. There is no specific format required, but they should be written on letterheaded paper.

The letters must be uploaded by the professors themselves on the students file using the direct link provided. Please carefully check the professors email before entering it in the form.

Reference letters sent by email separately will not be considered. No hard copy is needed.


The Mamaself admission comittee will answer your questions through the application site before and during the application. Please also refer to the FAQs ! All communication will be done in English.

Applicants must mention their Students application number in order to avoid confusions. Application questions in mails without the students number will not be considered.


The selection comittee for Mamaself applications will take the following criteria into consideration for the selection of the Mamaself students :

  • Outstanding academic study results
  • Academic potential
  • Level in English
  • Motivation
  • Recommendations
  • Internship or work experience

The scholarships are granted on a competitive basis.


  1. The Selection comittee will review your application and will be in touch with you if more information is needed or some additional documents are required. Please, regularly check your mailbox corresponding to the email that you provided in your application form.
  2. After the deadline, the selection comittee will meet and evaluate all applications. The Admissions office will publish the results on the application site : students can check the result online on their personal account. The student will also receive a mail with the results. If you don’t see your status at the date given for the results, please contact the Mamaself Admissions comittee.
  3. If you are awarded a scholarship, the tuition fees will be paid from the stipend. In that case, the student does not need to pay the tuition fees in advance, it will be undertaken from the scholarship payment during the course.
  4. If you are selected for Mamaself Master Course, but are not awarded the scholarship, you might want to search for other funding opportunities available and look for alternative financing : please see the page dedicated to other funding on the Mamaself website (


The purpose of the appeal is to verify that the procedure has been applied correctly and in accordance with the principles communicated to the applicant and that no error has been made while evaluating the application. All appeal procedures must be done through the Appeal form (see FAQ).

Download Appeal form

Please refer to the information given on the Mamaself website